Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Energy Efficient Custom Home - 955 Crescent Moon Dr Golden, CO 80401
A. D. Wolff & Associates builds state of the art energy efficient custom homes.

We have an energy efficient home in the 2010 Parade of Homes for the Denver area.

Our home was selected as a "Dream Home". This home at 955 Crescent Moon Drive, Golden, Colorado has many energy efficient features. There are two active solar arrays both supplying alternative energy. One produces up to 80% of the home's electrical energy needs, while the other produces up to 99% of the home's hot water usage and also up to half of the home's in-floor slab radiant heating.

The mechanical room is a tour unto itself.  Here, state of the art technology exhibits this home’s alternative energy components.  The solar photo-voltaic electric panel read out informs you of how much electric energy the panels have produced, as well as how many pounds of carbon emissions have been reduced by generating solar electric power instead of utilizing fossil fuels from Xcel Energy.  The house is net metered, meaning that excess electrical energy produced by the solar panels is sent back to Xcel Energy, reducing the home’s energy bill accordingly. The solar pre-heated water tanks provide the heating and domestic hot water usage needs.  The latest high efficiency wall hung boiler acts as a back up to this domestic hot water system.

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